Principal Investigator

Soohyun Cho

중앙대학교 심리학과 교수


Office: 중앙대학교 305관(교수연구동) 904호

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Graduate Students

Yeji Lee

Research Interest : Cognitive Neuroscience, Number Cognition, Operational Momentum
Email :

Jiyun Kim

Research Interest : Number Cognition, Math Anxiety, Decision Making
Email :

Hajin Kim

Research Interest : Decision Making, Attitude, Judgment Change
Email :

Minhui Jeong

Research Interest : Number Cognition, Generalized Magnitude System, Math Anxiety
Email :

Dongho Kim

Research Interest : Decision Making, Number Cognition, Magnitude
Email :

Minkyoung Kim

Research Interest : Decision Making, Learning and Memory, Emotion, Number Cognition
Email :

Somin Lim

Research Interest : Cognitive Dissonance, Attitude Change, Decision Making, Number Cognition
Email :

Haemi moon

Research Interest : Cognitive Neuroscience, Economical Decision Making, Moral Decision Making, Decision Making for Sustainability
Email :

Jihwan Kim

Research Interest : Attention, Decision Making, Learning and Behavior
Email :


Yunji Hwang

Research Interest : Social Decision Making, Cognitive Dissonance, Face Recognition
Email :

Dasom Lee

Research Interest : Quantitative cognition
Email :

Kyungmin Lee

Research Interest : Number cognition, Math anxiety, Methodological aspects of measuring ANS
Email :

Inkyung Park

Research Interest : Number cognition, Economical decision making, Moral decision making
Email :

Narae Kim

Research Interest : Number Cognition Development, Number processing, Moral Decision Making
Email :

Hayoung Lee

Research Interest : Number cognition, Ordinal and cardinal representations of symbols, Handedness
Email :

Selim Jang

Research Interest: Cognitive Development, Developmental cognitive neuroscience
Email :


Yunji park

Research Interest : The behavioral and neural development of numerical cognition, The development of structural connectivity and its relation to numerical cognition
Laboratory website :

Joohyung Chun

Research Interest : Cognitive Neuroscience, Time Estimation, Interaction of numerosity and time, SNARC effect
Email :

Youngeun Lee

Research Interest : Cognitive neuroscience, Time estimation, Interaction of numerosity and time
Email :